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mocks me

The Sabertooth and the Kitten: Unlikely Saviour

Okay, so ever since I read Kijikuns Strange Alliance I've been obbsessing wif the pairing Kitty/Victor! I scowered the internet in search of stories for them, and came out almost empty handed! So I decided it was high time I wrote one! Sorry, I know its not very good.. I'LL STOP RAMBLING NOW.

Frankly, getting kidnapped was becoming part of Kitty’s job.

No, she could put it better than that.

Getting kidnapped and her were like the best of friends. In fact, why don’t they just forget friendship and get married already?

Kitty scowled and tried to phase through the floor once again.

No use. She was too weak and too battered.

Well wasn’t this just great.

And to make things even worse, she didn’t even have the X-men backing her up this time! All she had was-


Kitty closed her eyes and leant back against the wall.

There was a chance he’d bother to save her. He’d put up with her for this long, maybe he’d finally decided she had some use.

Who was she kidding?

Victor didn’t give a damn about her and she didn’t have a chance.

Her only hope was to wait it out until she was strong enough to phase and hope her captors hadn’t came back by then.


Kitty’s eyes sprang open as the door was kicked of its hinges. There was a swirl of black and then Victor Creed was standing over her.

He roughly pulled her up to her feet, scowling.

“I thought you were freaking dead! Can’t you take two steps without me watching-“

Kitty flung her arms around Victor’s massive bulk.

“Oh thank god,” she croaked, burying her head into her unlikely saviours chest.

Victor froze. This wasn’t he had been expecting.

But after a few moments he wrapped his arms around her, briefly stroking her hair then hastily shoving her away.

“Don’t be so sure I’ll save you next time,” he said gruffly. “Frankly, I’m surprised you bothered this time...” Kitty murmured nervously, brushing the gushing cut on her wrist against her already filthy t-shirt.

Victor picked up the scent of blood and growled. “Come here,” He ordered, taking her wrist and after a few moments, licking the wound.

“Whoa okay…” Kitty whispered as he did. “That wasn’t weird at all, don’t worry about it...”

Victor scowled. “Transfers some of the healing factor, no need to thank me.”

Kitty giggled. “So you lick your injuries? And you call me the kitten!”

Victor growled “Don’t push it,” and grabbed Kitty by the shoulder, roughly ushering her towards the door.

“Remind me why I saved you?”

Kitty snorted. “’Must be my excellent conversation skills.”

“Nah, more like I’d miss you stupidity and awful taste of music.”

Kitty put her hand to her chest in mock emotion. “Gee Victor, you really do care!” Her voice soppy and dripping with sarcasm. Victor merely ignored her, and kept pulling her through the mazes of hallways, pausing every so often to sniff out the exit.

The silence between them stretched.

“Thank you,” Kitty whispered.

Victor stopped in his tracks and swung round to look at his kitten.

Closing the distance between with a few strides, he looked down at her with his startlingly blue eyes.

Before Kitty could even register what he was doing, he bent down and pressed a kiss to her forehead, his fangs lightly scrapping against her skin. He drew back quickly.

Don’t thank me yet.” Victor growled.

He span round and stormed of in a forwards direction, leaving an irritated, confused and breathless Kitty trail behind him.


I'm sorry if that sucked so much it makes you wanna cry.
Haha I'd love feedback?
I'm thinking about a series of un-related oneshots if anyone likes this!


I like this! keep up the good work. Thanks!


Thank you! XD I'l probably be updating soon.